Will We See Paulo Dybala Play in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream Next Year?

The Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream football matches are always one of the most highly anticipated games of the football calendar, and these El Clasico matches could see a new player joining the ranks to become one of the world’s next up and coming football stars. If you haven’t heard of the new star player Paulo Dybala who could potentially joining one of the world’s best football teams, Real Madrid, then carry on reading to find out a little more about him and why it could be very exciting to see him in upcoming Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream football matches.

Will Paulo Dybala Play in this Year’s Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream Football Match?

Unfortunately for Real Madrid fans, and just El Clasico football fans in general, we will not be seeing Paulo Dybala on our screens anytime this year which means he will not be taking part in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream game in December. However, in saying that, we could see him take part in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream football games from as early as 2018! Real Madrid are reportedly going to place a £89 million bid for the Juventus star player in the summer of 2018 as the player is definitely on their radar, even though Los Blancos are not allowed to register new players over the following two transfer windows.

This could go in Real Madrid’s favour, however, as it means they will have enough time to get together the funds needed to make such a big purchase.

The Career History of Paulo Dybala Before the Real Madrid vs Barcelona Livestream Paulo Dybala is an Argentinean football player who joined Juventus in just 2015, and since making this big move he has transformed into one of the most feared operators in Serie A. His record over the 2014/2015 season shows that in 75 football games he has had 198 take ons, 147 chances created, 35 goals, and 21 assists, so it is not hard to see why he has caught the eye of a world class team such as Real Madrid.

Furthermore, by the time it hits the summer of 2018, Paulo Dybala will be sure to have cemented himself in world-class status as he is only 22 at the moment.

The up and coming superstar player not only plays for Juventus, but he also plays for his national team Argentina. Dybala actually had a number of choice when it can to deciding what national team to play for, as he was eligible to play for both Poland through his grandfather, and Italy though his grandmother. However, the star has expressed that he feels Argentine and that playing for the Argentina national team has always been in dream.

If Real Madrid can scramble up the cash to offer Dybala a contract in the summer of 2018, we are sure to see this young star play in many upcoming Real Madrid vs Barcelona livestream games.