If you’ve been playing on a lot of casino sites online, then you may have noticed that some of them accept pay by phone casino deposits. This means that you can just add the value of whatever you want to spend onto your phone bill or even use a top up voucher instead. A pay by phone casino can be a good option for players, so stay tuned for our step by step guide.

Setting Up Pay by Phone Casino Deposits

The first time you choose to use a pay by phone casino, you might not be sure of where to begin. The process of setting up a pay by phone casino deposit shouldn’t take you very long, as all you really need to do is enter your phone number.

Then, you’ll receive a text message from your carrier to find out if you want to authorise the pay by phone casino payment. This is just a method of fraud prevention, basically it means that you can’t just use a random number for a pay by phone casino deposit. If it’s all correct and the amount is what you would like to deposit, then you reply to the text message with yes.

Then, the pay by phone casino will receive the funds and display them in your account. This is an instant process and very rarely comes with any fees, though this is worth checking with the pay by phone casino site first. Then, you are free to play with your funds and with any bonuses you may have been credited with too.

The more you use this payment method, the easier the process becomes as you know exactly what to expect.

Regularly Using Pay By Phone Casino Deposits

Once you’ve made your first deposit using this method, you’re basically a pro at it. Not much changes from the first time you use a pay by phone casino to the second, third or any other time that you use it.

There are caps on the amount that you can use this payment method for each month though, so your pay by phone casino deposit may be declined if you’ve went over on this. A random check may also be made on your account on behalf of the pay by phone casino operator, this will usually come in the form of a brief phone call.

If you’re a regular pay by phone casino user then a top tip is to always keep an eye on your bill. You don’t want to be out of pocket due to a pay by phone casino error or account fraud, so check in often.

It’s also useful for you to add on another form of protection to the device that you use a pay by phone casino with. Even a password on your smartphone can be a big step towards reducing your likelihood of fraud. It really is that simple to be a contentious user of pay by phone casino sites and to protect your bank account.